An Bhliain Cheilteach – Celtic year and festivals

Close to the first of May, I thought I’d like to show my students a bit about the Celtic year. Based on my notes from class with Ray Mac Mánais, I replicated a circular diagram that shows the major Celtic festivals and months in Irish. I put it into a handout with a bit about Bealtaine. An Bhliain Cheilteach

It doesn’t have any particular pagan or Wiccan aspect to it – there are far more detailed diagrams available online, but this one’s in Irish. It’s got:

  • laethanta cinn ráithe = quarter days (e.g. grianstad an tsamhraidh = summer solstice)
  • laethanta trascheathrún = cross-quarter days (e.g. Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lúnasa)
  • na séasúir = seaons (e.g. an samhradh, an fómhar)
  • na míonna = months

You’re welcome to re-use the diagram in your own handouts.

References I used:

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